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Our Experience

 Asset Informatics is led by consultants who have over thirty years of individual experience managing software assets and complex licensing in very large institutions down to medium sized enterprises across government, education, energy, retail, travel, banking and regulatory institutions.

What sets us apart from most Software Asset Management (SAM) consultants, is that we can work without tooling and quickly get to compliance positions for all vendors including Oracle, Microsoft, Adobe, VMWare, IBM, SAP etc.

No matter how disorganised your current software licence management is, we can restore order, even in the face of vendor audits.

You will be able to manage your software suppliers with added confidence knowing the licence rules and your own informatics such as consumption and your entitlements.

Most importantly we can deliver cost savings and avoidance, expose and prevent risk, including the risk of over purchasing, which is buying licences you already own.


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Client Testamonials

Our Experience

We deliver a broad range of Software Asset Management & Licence Compliance services from one off compliance assurance, where we quickly get to a compliance position for one or many vendors to a full implementation of Software Asset Management Tooling using our own superior implementation methodology designed to maximise benefits and return on investment. Despite being a specialist IT discipline, Software Asset Management has many facet, which are reflected in our service offering;


  • Audit Management (Defence)
  • Compliance Reporting
  • SAM Tooling Implementation
  • SAM Process and Service Design
  • SAM Training: ISEB Foundation, SAM Essentials
  • Merger & Acquisition: Software assets schedules, licence novation.
  • Software Asset Recovery
  • Major IT Contract Exit/Entry
  • Licence Compliance Managed Service
  • Support, Maintenance & Licence Renewals (as a managed service)
  • Large agreement baselining e.g. Oracle ULA, Microsoft EA


Client Testamonials

Client Testamonials

Client Testamonials

Finding SAM consultants who can deliver, know their subject and can communicate effectively at all levels within your organisation is very difficult without references and testimonials from previous clients.

We have a large selection of clients who can provide an honest assessment of the work we have done for them across a broad range of industry sectors & types of engagement including; -

  • Government 
  • Education
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Energy, Oil & Gas
  • Retail
  • Regulatory
  • Entertainment/Distribution


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